Colour management is something that many photographers and even people in the advertising industry really just don’t understand. If you are in an isolated environment looking at your own images on a single screen there is really no problem however as soon as you look at anyone else’s images, use more than one screen, publish your images on the web or send them out for print you have a problem.

We need colour management to ensure that images remain visually consistent as they move from environment to environment and from medium to medium.

Colour Management in Photography is not an option, its an essential and it clearly sets apart the Amateurs from the real Professionals.

Photographers who have taken steps educate themselves about Colour Management and implement Colour Management systems deserve to be recognised and Colorbrate is the first of hopefully many systems that will do this.

It is our hope that the various Colorbrate banners will encourage clients to use the photographers who have taken the initiative over those who regard colour as being someone else’s problem.

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